Membership conditional as noted:

1. You must attend a meeting.

2. You must possess a VALID Free Miners Certificate, the online form is found here

At Service BC you can apply in person – here is a link to all offices.

2022 – Memberships For 2022 are now closed.


2023 Membership Available January 01 – 2023 (For Information Purposes Only)

2023 – $110.00 – Plus PayPal Fee 2.9% – ($3.20) = $113.20 (Adult Membership)

2023 – $ 55.00 – Plus PayPal Fee 2.9% – ($1.60) =  $ 56.60 (Associate Membership Under 19 Yrs Unable to Obtain an FMC – Join With Parent)


Important – Read Before Applying:

  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Province
  • Valid & Current FMC
  • Y or N – Access CRD /TimberWest Lands
  • Do You Own a Claim in the CRD
  • One of any Placer Tenures You Own.
  • Emergency Contact & Phone Number
  • Meeting Date Attended
  •  FMC 
  • Membership transactions to be completed online
  • Membership to be paid via a credit card through PayPal or PayPal account
  • Prepaid credit cards work
  • Onus / responsibility is on members to keep current with mining bulletins and awareness in this industry.

All Information Updates


  • Part of membership costs creates a pool covering membership with a liability policy required by both Mosaic and CRD
  • VIPMA deals with Private Land Owners and issues that affect Placer mining, and as a member you must have a vested interest
  • Membership without a claim allows members to go with Club Hosts on outings – does not grant permission to enter private lands alone.
  • Membership renewals to be paid promptly if mining in the CRD.   Memberships expire December 31 annually
  • *Membership questions – email – a membership representative will respond.


Click the button on the right, fill out the VIPMA Membership application form and make payment.

Thank you.

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