Wednesday, Sept 11 – 2024 — General Meeting

Emery Hall, 537 Glencairn Ln

7:00PM – Social
7:30PM – Meeting


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Submitted by: Dhilan Zermenos and Joe Bellows

Get your pan ….. come with us……

…..and … then ….. there is more…….

Welcome to VIPMA –  V. I. Placer Miners Association.   

A passionate group of Placer Miners looking for gold on Southern Vancouver Island; searching for deposits formed by erosion and weathering of gold-bearing rock; leading to gold particles in riverbeds and other sediments. Under a rock, in a crevice or on a gravel bar …..

Gold is Where YOU Find it!

If you are seeking gold, guidance and or access to the sparkle of the finest gold panning on the South Island, you are in the right place. Join us at our meetings let us know you are a guest.

The cure for Gold Fever is Gold panning!  This website will provide information on your journey seeking gold.  VIPMA will help you in your search – time and hard work will reward you.

Enjoy ! – Feedback is welcome at

Video showing you some of the qualities of being a Placer Miner with our group.

VIPMA Mining Group – 2014 – Thank you Nick (NorthOlbo)

VIPMA is grateful for the donation of Gyldene Tyder, thank you may you R.I.P. Inga Keith

VIPMA became an association August 05, 1997 bringing miners together so they all heard the same story pertaining to legislation.

VIPMA became and is a voice for recreational and commercial Placer Miners on Vancouver Island. It has contributed to the Placer Industry across British Columbia.  Placer Mining has a deep and strong connection with why Vancouver Island and British Columbia ended up as part of Canada. 

Historically; Placer Mining populated this island, offering opportunity to make a living with a shovel and a pan.

Using hand tools (pan and shovel) no disturbances are created to water or land.

Bruce Chaytor, past president for 20 years formed VIPMA with Don Razzo, Bill Frier, Ron MacDonald and Cal Web. Bruce Chaytor then formed the BCPMA and served as it’s president for twenty years as well.

Mr. Chaytor remains as a Senior Advisor to VIPMA.

VIPMA extends a special note of appreciation to these fine men – who delivered tireless contributions to placer mining on the island for over twenty years.

You are the miners of today

Your Spirit Will Keep Mining Alive!

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