Membership Information

Becoming a member

VIPMA Membership is a Privilege ~ Not a Right.

Membership Requirements

  • Possess a *Valid* FMC
  • Attend meeting prior to membership application.
  • Attend one meeting every calendar year.
  • Uphold the Heritage of Placer mining in BC
  • Protect the rights of Placer Miners
  • Report Workings on Club Claims
  • Bylaws will be posted and bylaws must be adhered.
  • Ensure every citizen has the right to attempt to make a living Placer mining
  • Communicate with Governments providing input into the future of Placer mining
  • Promote good fellowship among all Placer miners and recreational miners
  • Ensure all miners follow sound environmental practices
  • Be a good steward of the land, wherever it is you pan.
  • Private land entry all documentation must be available and all contractual regulations met.
  • Promote recreational prospecting and Placer mining as both a clean environmentally safe activity.

To attain a FMC At Service BC you can apply in person – here is a link to all offices.

Grounds for Dismissal

  • Loss and/or suspension of FMC
  • Failure to comply with Private Lands Contractual Agreements
  • Failure to be a good steward of the land.
  • Not reporting work on club claims
  • Failure to comply to core principals and bylaws.
  • Trespass onto other claims
  • Creating Drama

2023 Memberships

Adult : – $110.00 – Plus PayPal Fee 2.9% – ($3.60) = $113.60

Associate:  – $ 55.00 – Plus PayPal Fee 2.9% – ($1.80) =  $ 56.80  Son/Daughter under the age of 18 under a parent.

*Note: Member is responsible for transaction fee.


  • Part of membership’s fee creates a pool covering membership with a liability policy required by both Mosaic and CRD
  • VIPMA deals with Private Land Owners and issues that affect Placer mining, and as a member you must have a vested interest
  • Membership without a claim allows members to go with Club Hosts on outings – does not grant permission to enter private lands alone.
  • Those miners who have their own access can go to club claims on their own.
  • Membership renewals to be paid promptly if mining in the CRD.   Memberships expire December 31 annually
  • *Membership questions – email – a membership representative will respond.
    • A note about PayPal : ~ YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL MEMBERSHIP ~ You use your credit card and pay through VIPMA’s PayPal Account ~ For whatever reason if you do not feel secure – please go to a store and purchase a pre-loaded credit card for the $113.60 or whatever amount you want – ensure you add the small fee to the pre-loaded card. You may link this with a PayPal account to complete your payment if you desire.


Click the button on the right, fill out the VIPMA Membership application form and make payment.

Thank you.

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