Flood of 1979

Marv Richter and Bill Morris drilled the gravel bar at the confluence of the Leech River and Wolf Creek.  Lou Knott excavated on the Northwest of the confluence. 

Bill and Marv were excavating on the gravel bar using a trommel (gold duster), a large pump called the “River Queen” and they were utilizing the Northwest Drag Line. 

Working the claim, they were hit the winter of 1979 with a devastating flood. The trommel was destroyed, the parts washed away; the drum of the trommel was found one year later and rests beside the Galloping Goose near the trestle, and the Northwest Drag Line (Shovel) rests in Kapoor Park.  

These photos are a few showing the might of the Leech and the Sooke River under full flood. I guess it’s smart to think “don’t argue with mother nature, she’s pretty strong”.

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