No smoking on the claims – the insurance policy is not valid if you smoke and or vape on Mosaic and CRD Lands.

Martin’s Gulch Find

It is the intent of VIPMA to ensure the club has members actively pursuing and supporting the Placer Mining Industry.

British Columbia sluicing in stream is NOT ALLOWED.

The easiest way to obtain an FMC is to go to a local BC service center; and at the same time have them help you obtain a Business BCEID. Free Miners License is for life ~ renew online. To do so you require a Business BCEID.






I bought a claim who do I contact: Document

  • Mosaic Forests – Section 19: KEY ACCESS
  • Mosaic Forests – Keys:
  • CRD – Patrick McCoubrey:
  • Private Land – The owner must be located and Section 19 forwarded to that land owner.
  • Crown Land – No Section 19 is Required

I bought a claim what do I do now? READ BULLETIN #8

Note to Reader: Much content in Bulletin #8 – it is also a guide to filing your claim. Everything you need to file is on this bulletin.

MTO Maps Guide to Understanding MAPS

Back to Basics: Latitude and Longitude (DMS,DD,DDM)


Above is the UTM – as you move your mouse, it changes – explanation of UTM on the right hand side.

Universal transverse Mercator is a coordinate system used to represent locations on Earth’s surface UTM divides the Earth’s surface n 60 Zones, each 6 degrees of longitude wide.

Latitude and longitude are commonly used coordinate system for locations on Earth’s surface.  Latitude in degrees north or south of the equator, longitude in degrees east / west of Prime Meridian (Greenwich)

They can be converted to latitude and longitude knowing the UTM zone and easting/northing coordinates within the zone with a conversion formula or online convertor tool.  The result will give you the location of the point on the Earth’s surface in degrees.

Convert Latitude Longitude to UTM

UTM to Latitude and Longitude Converted  latitude-longitude-d_1370.html

PLEASE NOTE:   Timber West/Mosaic Forest Products do not answer mining questions.

Insurance: Liability Insurance covers members, but does not cover people you take along.

Insurance: No Smoking or Vaping

CRD now requires all who enter the Water Shed to have a VHF Radio.  Here is the application form for a Radio License

The license is issued by: INDUSTRY CANADA

Yes you can have another person’s VHF radio that can transmit, receive and has our authorized programmed channel. This being stated by Nathan if several of you mine together all of the time, then I believe one radio is sufficient to be recorded with CRD by both or three or how many users but they do have to be identified.  Some claims are duly owned, as such one radio between two is sufficient.

Fire Extinguisher: Must be carried in each vehicle rated 5LB ABC.

Note:  Members have no legal right to sue the club for any injury sustained as you can not sue yourself.   A Placer Claim of which title is not held and one is injured, as tenure holders don’t possess the land they cannot be sued.

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